Das Geheimnis gesunden Gehens

Die 2-Zonen-Technologie - Basis für ermüdungsfreies und natürlich-gesundes Gehen!

The principle

SANO by Mephisto was developed in order to improve the walking experience, so that you can be on-the-go longer and further with less fatigue and maximum comfort.

The advantages of the 2-Zone sole technology: They impart a dynamic feeling when walking, provide secure support and reduce the shock from walking to an absolute minimum. All styles for women's and men's shoes are extremely comfortable to the pleasantly soft and pre-shaped anatomical replacement insole:

The basis for tireless and naturally healthy walking!

The benefit

Wearing SANO shoes regularly encourages the activation of neglected muscles, strengthens ligaments and tendons, relieves joints, spinal disks and promotes a naturally healthy posture.

The walking technique

SANO shoes and sandals for women and men can be worn easily all day long. They guarantee secure and stable support - without any "wobble effect"!

The world's unique 2-ZONE Sole Technology and the perfect fit of all the styles offered, make walking a pleasure - a pleasant experience for body and soul.

In addition, the high quality materials, best natural leathers and comfort features, provide a healthy feeling of physical comfort.

The application

Women and men that spend a lot of time on their feet, both professionally and recreationally, who value soft, natural and healthy walking, choose SANO.